YOU WIN…. sort of…
November 25th, 2008

YOU WIN…. sort of…

Wow, I got up this morning and read my daily webcomics, ate breakfast and thought to myself…. I seem to have more time then I usually do on a Tuesday morning….  Yeah, because I forgot to post the new strip!!!  Silly me…. Hope you guys enjoy!


  1. Andrew

    I think this is my favorite one of your comics so far. Awesome :)

  2. Rob Lundy

    :) I’m glad you like it… can you believe I was on the fence about this one?! I wasn’t sure if it was going to be funny or not.

  3. Lou Manglass

    You should have been very excited about this one! Of course, maybe uncertainty is a good sign. Whenever I get a good response to my strips, it’s always the ones I’m not too sure of or feel like I rushed that get the most response.

    I’m really excited to see your tutorials. You should send them in to, too…It’s hit or miss there, but they have some good stuff, and you’ve got some awesome environmental techniques that would make a great series of contributions. I am always amazed at your results and can’t wait for the tutorials.

  4. Rob Lundy

    Hey Lou, I think that feeling has a lot to do with being unsure if other people will appreciate the more…. qwirky… humor that I tend to enjoy. I’m usually pleasantly surprised by the result though so I’m not sure why I feel uneasy about it… It’s probably a little of that ever present insecurity with my own work.

    Yeah I wouldn’t mind sending some of my tutorials to once they are done…. It will all depend on whether or not I am happy with the results.

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    The Process: Writing

    So week after week I find myself doing something that I never thought I’d spend so much time and effort to improve…. Writing.

    Maybe it comes from my art and programming backgrounds, but I am constantly trying to find some kind of formula or exercise that will make the construction of a storyline an easier process.  Now that may feel like a kind of clinical and antiseptic way of approaching what is very much an art form.  But to be perfectly honest, that’s how I approach my artwork.  Now granted, that isn’t how I always thought of art, but in college I learned that a well drawn character begins with a solid construction from basic shapes, so why should writing be any different?

    I tend to start my writing sessions by recapping what is happening to the characters, what they might be feeling, thinking, what they want to do… just something to get the writing juices flowing.  A little like a warmup sketch.

    The next step is for me to write out a series of Plot Points I want to hit.  I don’t try to fill up every slot in a month of comics or anything, adding in more points between them to achieve a proper pace for the story can come later.  I just throw in anything I can think of that I’d like to have included in the storyline.  These Plot Points can be as detailed as fully fleshed out comic scripts or as vague as a single sentence that gives a loose idea of what will eventually become a script.

    At this point I look over what I’ve got and I just kinda guess at where I need to add another strip or two between the existing plot points to correct the pacing.  This is one part of the process that I don’t fully understand myself.  Pacing is just one of those things that I can just tell is off by looking at it.  I know it’s not particularly helpful, but it’s true.  Sometimes I can just tell that I need to add a strip before a change in location or subject matter, like it needs a transition… I dunno, it’s hard to explain.

    This is the point when I’ll often have a hard time coming up with ideas for those filler strips.  Luckily I recently discovered a writing trick that helps me come up with some new ideas.  It’s a variation of brainstorming I think of it as “the what if game.”  I just make a big old list of what ifs that relate to whats currently happening in the strip.

    What if the car breaks down on the way to the hospital?
    What if Brody discovers he’s allergic to the gel in disposable diapers?
    What if Abbey goes into false labor?
    What if Max breaks his arm and they all end up in the hospital together?

    You get the idea…

    So this list will generally generate enough options that SOMETHING in there will spark my imagination that will eventually become a joke.  You know it’s been said that ideas are cheap, that the execution of those ideas are what matter. This is true for writing comic strips.  I have learned that ANY situation can become a joke, you just need to find the right angle to approach it from.  Humor comes from the unexpected.  Present a problem or situation and then resolve it in a way your audience wont expect and you illicit a humor response.

    The last thing I do when writing a strip is simplify it.  Again with the writing as a formula….  This is the point where I take the joke I have and I optimize the script.  I try to take the most basic essence of the comic and I try to reduce it down to as few words as possible.  Editing down your scripts is important, but there is such a thing as doing it to aggressively.  You still need to maintain the tension in the strip.  By tension I mean you need to build up the tension in your first two or three panels and then release it on the final panel.  That tension can be lost if you edit the script down too far.  But that’s what I mean by optimizing…

    Anyway, that’s my writing process… Hope you guys find it interesting.

    I’d love to hear from you guys regarding your own writing tricks and tendencies.


    Where there’s a whip, there’s a way…

    Sorry about the lack of updates lately guys… I picked up a neat little contract to work on in my spare time and it has completely dominated my time over the last couple of weeks and will continue to do so for a little while longer.  I’m not sure how much I can share about the project at the moment, I’ll have to defer to my collaborators on divulging information on it.  But I will say that it is very much the kind of thing you all might be interested in.

    I’ll be back with some more information as soon as I can.


    Making of… #1

    Cartography for Dummies…

    Hey guys!  Been working a little bit on a map for my next D&D session… thought I’d post some in progress pics.

    Wee Wittle Bawbawian…

    Hey guys… I did this sketch at lunch today and thought I’d share!